Up Aginst the Wall

I am attracted to powerful men. Men who are strong and know what they are doing. For me nothing is sexier than a man grabbing you and lifting you up against a wall. Your legs wrap against his hips, he drops his pants to the floor, and without thinking shoves his rock hard cock into you. That is my idea of sexy.   Continue reading Up Aginst the Wall

My Top 5 Craziest Places I’ve Had Sex

5.   Hotel Swimming Pool.

He was a one night stand, on a business trip.  He invited me over for a night time swim.    When we got in, there where like 5 people around.  When we started making out, I think we scared them all away lol.  Well, I wasn’t going to let an empty pool go to waste.   It was so trilling trying to make it look like we weren’t having sex, I think a couple of people walked by on their way to their rooms.  We didn’t feel in the pool, that ended in a nice steamy shower.   Hotel sex is always the best.

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I smell Sex and Candy